Saturday, September 02, 2006

My name is Pepperpot and I am not a spammer

Oh, the humiliation.

It must be pretty obvious to you all that M (author of Musings on a Mac) and I converse pretty frequently. It was he who led me to the notorious Boris 'crunchy' Johnson article, and who encouraged me to post to Boris's website while we were online chatting to each other. I had to be persuaded to do this, being a shy flower, and didn't realise that in the course of our conversation he, too, had posted to the site. Result - two consecutive links to my post. Anyway, we have been accused of spamming and I am so humiliated I cannot look my monitor in the face.

All I can say to Raincoaster and the other readers is I am very sorry and it was a genuine mistake. Raincoaster, please accept my offering of Google juice as an act of contrition.


M said...

Pah. Sounds like capitulation to me... you wouldn't find a nasty right wing facist like me doing this... it's like with these terrorist - if you don't fly then "The terrorists have won"

You can't back down to these pinko commie Pepperpot. Stand firm

raincoaster said...

I'm a pinko commie and I'm also the biggest spammer on the Boris Blog, so no worries.


raincoaster said...

and I ALWAYS accept the Google juice. Thank you.

Steven_L said...

Don't be shy saying what you think on Boris's website, that's what its' there for! I've been saying what I think for months on it (and sometimes just saying things to wind people up on it) I haven't had the heavies round asking me to stop. On the contrary I won a signed copy of his next book. You post away!