Saturday, September 09, 2006

My literacy diagnostic assessment

I had to do a literacy test yesterday to practice using the software for my new tutor group next week. The only real way to prepare to deliver something using software is to pretend you are a student and try it out; however, becoming childishly obsessed with getting all the answers right is optional. After working my way pendantically through a level 2 literacy test, I was horrified to find that had not scored full marks (even after I cheated by asking the Head of Modern Languages what a passive verb was.) Apparantly, I 'need to work on use of appropriate language'.

F***ing stupid computer program.


The Teacher said...

As you know, I can totally relate with your assessment.....try teaching the damn subject!

Anonymous said...

Bloody computers... well gay. Anyway I blame the fools that set up the the software... well gay to.