Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I'm sorry my posting is so moribund. I am quite low at the moment.

It's not my management - unusually for the blogosphere, I like my managers and I may not always agree with them but they do a good job.

It's the kids.

It feels like I am breaking a terrible taboo to say it, but the kids are getting me down.

Not the lad who - last Monday - was more threatening to me than any kid I've ever taught. Funnily enough, that encounter left me shaky but sound; I discovered that after 10+ years, my instincts served me well and I think I dealt with it effectively. By the end of our encounter he had apologised completely and sincerely, and I admired him for not running off and leaving us both in an intractable position.

No, it's the default teenage attitude to everything. It's the 'nice' kids. The way that it's my job to help them catch up when they've been off; the way that they will ask for help before they read the instructions, not after, because it's just easier. The fact that the things I used to do as an extra favour, such as lunchtime revision help, are now demanded as a right and complained about if missing. The complete lack of appreciation and gratitude. The absence of any awe, wonder, curiosity and imagination. The yawning, tedious laziness and banality of their approach; the relentless effort needed on my part to summon energy from them. The absolute and complete lack of intellectual curiosity. The profound selfishness of their approach to life. The fact that my energy and enthusiasm is being sucked out of me into the endless black hole of modern youth.

I know that I don't always feel like this. I know that I have been moved and thrilled by teaching young people. I can give you explanations political, historical, sociological and metaphysical as to why teenagers are the way they are.

But at the moment I'm just a bit fed up.


The Scribbler said...

As you will appreciate, I can SO relate to how you are feeling right now.

Can I offer an sound advice? Yes. Leave school at the end of the day, get into your car, put a great track on the CD/Tape/|Radio and forget the little buggers!

Müs said...

Great picture you made of the youth nowadays. I linked my blog to this post.

You should take scribblers advice. Try Ac/Dc, it sure works for me when i'm tired of my classes...

Anonymous said...

I'm v. new to this whole blogging game, but am thinking of starting my own (I teach English in Norway). My question is - do you every worry that your pupils will read your blog? I mean, do you think it's ok to grumble about pupils online?