Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Teacher, the detention and a case of accidental optimism

The Teacher is (I think) in his second year of teaching IT and his blog today included this great posting, called The Club. It's a sorry tale of heavy sarcasm disrupted by a burst of optimistic creativity. I await updates of this tale with great anticipation!

PS Isn't it shocking how students don't actually get sarcasm these days? One of my favourite rants has completely lost its impact.

'Well, don't worry, I'm sure the exam board won't mind if you don't answer questions on this topic because you overslept. I'll just pop a note on the end of your exam paper and they can give you a few extra marks to make up for it.'

'O cool, Miss, that's alright then, isn't it.'

1 comment:

The Teacher said...

Thanks for the link Pepperpot.

Yes I am in my second year (although it feels much much longer).

I love your terming the incident as being a case of "optimistic creativity"!