Friday, October 20, 2006

A half-term announcement

It's now officially half term! And in a bold move that I will regret when sober, I am pledging to give up my depressing trawl through UK education news for nine days and instead prove that inside this weary and jaded husk there is still a creative and optimistic core.

To start with, if you are not feeling sufficiently chilled out yet, may I commend OK Go's 'Here It Goes Again.' I know it's been around for a while now, but if you haven't seen it, watch it at once. It always cheers me up.

Vive les vacances!

1 comment:

M said...

So who is this for ? Us your loyal readership because to be honest, this sounds like a heads up for education ministers: Be on alert this week is perfect for "burying bad news Pepperpot isn't listening"

In fact for a week they are hiding under a rock trying to repair their shredded nerves caused mainly by many administrations worth of government directives, agendas for change. All in the hope of misdirecting social responsibility and mitigating all circumstances for failure and owning your own mistakes. So please this week, while they cower feel free to do your damndest to make it worse.