Sunday, August 20, 2006

When you wander into the blogsphere... always come back with souveniers
Because ultimately, society has to decide – very abstract phrase, I know – whether they want to equip its next-generation leaders with a bunch of facts, or with the tools and mental models which allow them to tease problems out.

An excellent post from Receding Hairline which is the very readable blog of Christopher Phin, an IT journalist living in London.


Christopher Phin said...

Well, if we're do do this mutual admiration thing properly, I've added an RSS for your site to my reader. :)

My better half is a teacher, as are both my parents, so I'm closer to all this than might otherwise be expected. And the point you make that some C grades are more impressive for a struggling student than any number of As for an academically-gifted student is one that I've often made myself. It's a shame that these results are seen as failures, somehow.

In my own (Scottish Higher) results, the one subject for which I got a B – Maths – was the one I had worked the hardest for, and with which I was most pleased.

Pepperpot said...

Thank you, you are RSSd at this end too. I hope you and your better half enjoy the last few weeks of freedom before The Return