Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Coursework - it's over at last

The final OMR sheet is with the exams officer. It's really over.

It's been a completely awful year for coursework. The combined effect of The Visitors (like The Kindly Ones, best not name them) the date of Easter this year and a new specification meant that this year's coursework ordeal was extra, extra special. I know I should blog - either something witty, or something insightful about the inherent weaknesses of coursework, but actually I am too tired and angry with the students.

I was reading Blog Standard, and a comment posted which said 'A bitter teacher leads to bitter students' and I was really pulled up short. So much stress, anger, bitterness - it's not good. How can we keep our compassion intact when we are being used? How can we remember how hard it is for some of our students to even make it to college at all... when so many well-looked after and well-resourced students seem determined to abuse us as if we were resources to be spent not people with whom they have a relationship?

Answers on a postcard please.

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