Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Forced to agree with Libby Purves

Less than 48 hours after her first mention on my blog, Ms Purves makes a re-appearance. This article in ATL report is all about the lack of practical content to the modern curriculum. I think she's on to something.

(I had a ruthlessly hands-off education at a girl's school where we didn't even do domestic science because the indomitable head had decreed that 'Any idiot can read a cook book'. Science did include practicals but there again we only did two sciences a term (chemistry and physics, then chemistry and biology, then biology and physics) to make way for the four - four - languages I was studying by the age of 14. I certainly never studied woodwork or metalwork, and my one attempt at pottery was a complete disaster, shattering in the kiln and leaving me with a long-standing animosity towards my art teacher. So I never had a chance to improve my lack of co-ordination through experimenting with my hands, which is certainly a shame.)

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